the cycle coach jersey awards

Starting with the White Jersey, followed by the Green and then finally progressing to the pinnacle of The Cycle Coach Awards earning the Yellow Jersey.

The Cycle Coach Awards offer children the opportunity to progress through an awards based programme to demonstrate and achieve a range of competencies over a 6-week period. There are 3 Jersey Awards which are available.

100% attendance is required for each 6 week program and completion of each competency will be assessed by The Cycle Coach (*Qualified British Cycle Coach).

Payment for each award is made up front (£45). In order to progress to the next award, riders will need to have completed the 6 weeks where they will receive their respective Cycle Coach Award for the Jersey they have achieved.

To reserve your space simply visit the Booking page.

A donation to The Cycle coach will help young people from under-represented groups explore the opportunities within the sport of cycling.