we’ve joined the movement!

The Power of Sport

The Cycle Coach is pleased to announce that we have signed up for the Sport for Development Coalition (SFDC).

SFDC is s a growing movement of organisations who all believe in the power of sport and physical activity to act as effective tools for intervention when generating positive social outcomes.

The Cycle Coach has joined the movement which is a platform for organisations of all sizes to connect, collaborate, share best practice and innovate.

Amongst several key commitments to the SFDC we have agreed to actively demonstrate, and advocate for the intentional use of sport and/or physical activity to generate positive social outcomes.

In addition to this will also commit to building a diverse pool of talent that reflects, and is representative of society.

The SFDC has the vision that;

Every person in the UK recognises and values the power of sport to change lives and has the freedom to access it without barriers.

The Cycle Coach, supports this vision and is proud to endorse and adopt its Charter.

For more information on the SFDC’s inaugural Charter please click here.

A donation to The Cycle coach will help young people from under-represented groups explore the opportunities within the sport of cycling.