we work with a range of organisations, charities and communities who support our aspiration to help promote cycling at grassroots level and make it accessible and affordable to underrepresented groups and their families.


In our bid to align with the Governments priorities for investment within cycling we are seeking to meet the following three objectives:

Inspiring people to ride

Connecting the community

Build a lasting legacy

public benefit

As well as being able to meet our objectives we work diligently with partner groups and communities that will support our aspiration of:

Promoting cycling to underrepresented groups and their families

We’re all about collaborating with young people, schools, partners and funders to ensure we have the maximum impact on our young people and change their lives for the better.

Cross Community Groups

Bringing individuals from different cultures, faiths, backgrounds and ideals together. In addition to uniting sections and cross sections of the community that may not normally interact. Our aim is to try to enhance and cement relationships between these very different parts of society through play and learning.

Underprivileged children and young people

Ensuring that cycling is accessible to children and families with disadvantaged backgrounds. To give children more opportunities to explore cycling by encouraging their participation and making it affordable to ensure every child enjoys the life changing benefits that comes from play and sport.

Vulnerable people at risk of youth violence

Providing a platform for the most vulnerable youth most at risk of antisocial behaviour and violent crime. Our objective is to generate positive outcomes through cycling in order to minimise risk factors and maximise protective factors related to crime, violence and drug use

public benefit





The following Cycle Coach programmes are available to organisations and charities that share our charitable aims and are interested in recruiting more underrepresented children and young people to explore the sport of cycling. 

Click on the relevant programme below for further information.

an introduction to cycling

Introducing young people to sport of cycling

the cycle coach awards

A 6-week progressive syllabus


Aimed at non-riders who want to learn to ride a bike

pedal up

Learn the basics of cycling with skills, games & races


We’re delighted to work with a variety of organisations that are committed to our vision. The common goal amongst our partners is that we all care about changing the lives of young people that need our support. If you would be interested in finding out more about partnering with us at The Cycle Coach, simply contact us by clicking the button below: 

For further information, please contact

A donation to The Cycle coach will help young people from cross community groups and underprivileged backgrounds explore the opportunities within the sport of cycling.